Brother Angus

As a founding member of the Celtic, Tribal band BROTHER, Angus toured the world, recording fifteen albums and a DVD along the way. You may have seen BROTHER on the hit TV series ‘ER’, or heard their music on the classic Baraka soundtrack. An episode of UPN’s ‘The Twilight Zone’ was written around one of their songs. Often cited as a trailblazer of the indie scene, BROTHER was the only independent band to play The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. 

Visiting Scotland with the band every Spring for the last six years on the wildly successful BRONACH tours, Angus discovered his Celtic heritage in a way he’d never imagined. Finding a fascinating connection between his own wanderings and the Celtic myths and histories, Angus has created a captivating show like no other.

The Kilted Man

“Hauntingly beautiful, and very refreshing. Takes you back to a long forgotten time and place that still seems somehow familiar.” Carmen Allgood -The Colorado Wave

Stout Pounders

Stout Pounders is a Seattle based Celtic Folk band. Since 2007 the band has brought new energy and comedic twists to time tested Scottish and Irish Folk music. Stout Pounders are great for pub atmospheres or large festivals. The band plays regularly around Seattle and has been the house band of the Seattle St. Patrick’s Day Dash since 2009.

Seven Nations

Equally at home in front of 40,000 cheering fans at an international festival, with the widely recognized, Grammy award winning, symphony orchestras, or with 300 fans in a small Midwest club, SEVEN NATIONS has created a truly hybrid sound and transient live show. The depth and complexity of SEVEN NATIONS’ music is astounding, each listen reveals a deeper layer of intricacy that has been embraced by an ever growing audience. “We are lucky,” says McLeod, lead singer/songwriter and founding member of the band, “because we come from two unique cultures. We love American pop and rock and roll, but we also love our Celtic roots. We want to touch everybody with our music,” he continues, “and so far, we have been very, very fortunate.”

“Seven Nations taught a crowd of nearly 10,000 one important lesson: bagpipes rock.” – Lancaster Intelligencer Journal

“Explosive Seven Nations blows Palace into orbit … you’d be hard pressed to find a more original, unique but accessible group … powerful self-penned tunes and transcendent live shows. A musical force to be reckoned with, Seven Nations’ day has come.” – Albany Times-Union

“Seven Nations is blazing a new path in the “indie” music world for others to follow. Rarely has there been a CD with such variety so skillfully played, a testament to the multi-talented Seven Nations.” – Brigid’s Feast

“Full of hooks, addictive melodies, and precise musicianship, Seven Nations may be the next frontrunners for the summer tour feel-good band of the new millennium.” – MusicBlitz

“The music was riveting … folks were dancing in the aisles … the cheers were deafening.” – Independent Mail

“Wow, what a discovery! Each song is laden with hooks and melodies that stick in your brain, thanks to songwriter Kirk McLeod, who pens the best lyrics since Phil Lynott. This is the stuff of legends.”- Chaos Realm


Folk, Celtic, Jazz, Psychedelic
Band Members
Fae Wiedenhoeft ~ vocals; acoustic guitar; bodhran, mandolin, penny whistle

Captain Chambers ~ bass See More

Seattle, Washington
Fae Wiedenhoeft and her Seattle based band. 
Passionate, Folky, Celtic-y Music since 2007
Dusty dreams, salty seas, and a silver lining. Powerful vocals, contagious melodies, and singable choruses tangle together in a unique fusion of Celtic, Folk, Americana, and Bluegrass.
“SeaStar is a blend of both the old and the new, the tranquil and passionate, the dramatic and playful. They are equal parts storyteller and muse, weaving a tap See More
1st Place, Robert Kotta Songwriting Contest 2015, the song “The Little Western’

Honorable Mention (or 7th Place), Woody Guthrie Song Writing Contest 2015, the See More

Current Location
Seattle, Washington
Sandy Denny, Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, U2, Ronnie James Dio, Louis Prima, Keely Smith, Pearl Bailey, Django Reinhardt, The Cure, Brahms, Beethoven, Stan Rogers, Gordon Lightfoot, Bob Ross, the sea